ReceivershipServicesThe complexities and condition of the real estate industry have in many cases necessitated Terra Management Group’s involvement in the operation of an asset in the role of a receiver. Operating on behalf of the primary lien holder, often at the direction of the local Circuit Court, Terra Management Group is adept at transferring its operational and financial expertise into this complex role. Duties of the receiver often include, but are not limited to: due diligence as to the status of title, zoning, land use permits, negotiating with subordinate lienholders , associations, tenants and contractors to obtain reduced settlements, auditing, completion of infrastructure and unfinished improvements, full-scope management of an asset's financial, operational, and municipal obligations. Terra Management Group’s collective knowledge, skills and abilities allow us to partner with lending institutions, asset owners, and lien holders to preserve, protect and improve an asset's value through the receivership process.