Terra Management Group’s initial objective is to fully understand our clients' goals. Then we evaluate each asset in its entirety. This analysis is comprehensive and may include but is not limited to the review of the following items:

Basic Strengths and Weaknesses of the Project

Terra Management Group’s review begins with an assessment of the project's location, access to the project, and a detailed investigation to uncover any existing survey and title issues. We then assess any environmental and archeological constraints that may be associated with the land. Additionally, Terra Management Group interfaces with local governmental agencies to uncover the true status of entitlements, zoning, impact fees, conditions of developments, concurrency (utility and transportation), and the requirements of any associated Developer's Agreements.  Parallel to this research, we examine, utilitizing third-party testing agencies if necessary, any soil quality issues that may affect the site. Terra Management Group prepares a comprehensive report detailing all findings.

Infrastructure Review

Terra Management Group’s review of existing or planned infrastructure begins with an examination of any offsite requirements (utility and traffic).  We then conduct cost and construction estimates of the major trunk improvements. These can include: collector streets, master utility systems, lift stations, master drainage plans, and lot development.  Additionally, Terra Management Group will factor the cost of engineering, warranty work and bond releases, platting, and code landscaping. The final cost and construction estimates will be presented with scheduling and task sequencing estimates.

Operations Review

During this phase of review, Terra Management Group uncovers any existing or future issues associated with community development district or homeowner's associations to include: bondholder relations, covenants and restrictions, debt payments, management and administration, and accounting. We investigate the costs and requirements surrounding common area maintenance to include: landscaping and irrigation maintenance, waterway and drainage system compliance, wall and gate security, facilities maintenance, and local utility and electrical system billing.  Finally, Terra Management Group will deconflict any existing builder takedown programs or agreements.

Market Analysis and Evaluation

The last phase of Terra Management Group’s initial review is a Market Analysis and Evaluation. We conduct a macro market status, uncover and present local submarket factors such as the competition, suggested market niche, and suggest marketing strategies. Terra Management Group also determines the most successful product mix, present suggested land plan revisions, suggest value enhancement opportunities, and finally, prepare a detailed cash flow analysis and value estimation.